Rings - Wrapped Around the Finger Rings are a very popular choice , and naturally so because our hands convey a lot too, both while we speak and even in the way we rest them. So, you want to choose your rings carefully to complement your personality and to transmit the social cue you need. The first thing to bear in mind is to stay in proportion with the size of your hands. If your hands are small, it's better to wear an elegant or exquisite ring which is compact. At Grissom's, we've picked a very eclectic collection of styles, stones, and surfaces to cater to many kinds of subtle choices our clientele make. Every element makes a difference – whether it's diamond, platinum, an emerald, or a row of rubies. We know your ring can beam a message of opulence, tenderness, firmness, or openness and it speaks to you first before it transmits to any other person you are with. Your usual selection of a ring is for your third finger, which is why it's called the ring finger. It symbolizes your love relationship or marital status, and also represents the heightening of a romance. The Where and Why of Wearing Rings Then there are relationships at the workplace – you have peers, subordinates, competitors, negotiators, your large customers, and so on. To enable you to exert your influence and prevail more often, you are looking for a wearable that augments your presence. If you wish to add readiness to undertake responsibility, then wear a ring on your third finger. To exude assertiveness, wear one on your index finger. Needless to remind, you should be ready to make an investment because while you don't want your ring to be a distraction or to make people wonder, it still has to pack some panache; nothing trivial will do. All is Flair in Love and Life! Your fashion sense reflects in your rings too, like with every accessory and item of dress. There are many interesting individual expressions that are possible. There are people who stay consistent with their overall fashion – if it's a contemporary neatness, they'll carry it into their choice of rings. If they wear vividly colorful clothing, they'll wear chunky and flamboyant rings. But there are people who strike a distinctive note. They use contrast to make a statement. To offset a mainly conservative dress, they like to wear a ring with a remarkably intricate design. Or even something mystical from ancient geometry. Again, someone in an elaborate designer outfit can choose a premium ring in a minimalistic design. These are people striking a subtle balance – a touch of simplicity or a splash of extravagance to complete their ensemble. At Grissom's, we listen closely because we can sense what kind of rings would really reflect your imagination and suit your sensibility. Given the breadth of our range, and the plethora of quality products, we are quite confident to take on the task of satisfying your expectation! Necklaces have been appreciated since the beginning on time. The Sumerians, the ancient Egyptians, and many other cultures painstakingly crafted chains of precious gems and wore them on religious and other special occasions. Since 1750, the modern forms of the necklace have been popular and come into everyday wear as well. Grissom's has an array of necklaces to fulfill any kind of preference – while many of them are princess or matinee necklaces that are most favored – we can amaze you with chokers, and even some rope necklaces and custom made pieces! The impression your necklace should make depends on whether it's for casual wear or for a big occasion. If it's for an eighteenth birthday, or a wedding, or for an timeless anniversary, you'll be looking for something truly special. The first thing you want to see in a necklace is its colour or combination of colours. You are going to pick colors that look great on you, or colors you've been recommended to wear. Then, you consider the neck styles of the dresses you expect to wear them on. Don't forget, while the Art Deco style did popularize modernist fashions in necklaces, it's the ones that use precious metals with the gems that have an unmistakable dignity about them. Besides the ones where dazzling diamonds are the main theme, there are also fresh floral designs in gold which are always in season. Other timeless designs include the Bayadere, a twisted braid of strings of pearls, or of strands of beads. Then in the 1980s, you saw a lot of this French style – beads or pearls twisted in short multiple strands – its name Torsade comes from the twist. It's stayed on and is doing well. In a necklace, its divinity lies in its detail. When the gemstones are set on the surface with fine and continuous beads in the millegrain style, popularized by Italian jewellers, it adds decorative value and helps the stones to scintillate when they are set in platinum, for example. Highly intricate and minute patterns in a necklace that form rich motifs make it an objet d'art, and Grissom's takes pride in being able to show some of the finest pieces whose profuse ornamentation is a pleasure to behold. In a famous speech in a play, Mark Antony asked his fellow Romans to lend him their ears. Had it been Cleopatra, she'd probably have just asked for their earrings! They catch the eye, they add colour, and they make an arty statement. Time-honored classics – that's what we have to say about pearl earrings. Wear 'em in any style, wear 'em anywhere. There are long dangling styles for social events, and there are more formal ones for office wear. A very useful buy because they are never out of place and pretty much here to stay. Then, there are those of us who want to wear something really precious – something in gold or perhaps a sapphire but keep it elegant and discreet. Stud earrings are minimalistic and they are refined. Another design with an emphasis on neatness is the huggie earring. These are usually small and have a hinge at the top and open into halves that seem to hug through the lobes. Sporting a diamond, sapphire, or ruby, they can be stunners. Exuberance – that's a spirit we remember from the swinging sixties; hoops can be vivacious, visceral, and vintage at the same time. Their perfect circles can add a certain symmetry and can add appeal to your profile. A funky variant of the hoop earring is the needle earring. Distinctive on account of their really light weight, they have a long chain through the lobes and they just draw fascination. As we get more festive and frolicky, we look at drop earrings – they can sway you with beads or with a sparkler. They can be conversation starters! A centimetre or so further down is the dangling earring. No intention at all of drawing a line? Choose your extravagance from chandelier earrings! Beads, pearls, gems – all layered and scintillating – your dress designer is going to have their thunder entirely stolen from them! You might like to assess what kind of stones and metals would work best for your type of skin tone and wardrobe colors. That will help you be sure that whatever kind of design you wear, you'll be able to carry it off well. What's more, you can then experiment a good bit on the design front, and try a few things you haven't ever worn before. Coming back to Cleopatra, there's a saying that, had her nose been a little shorter, the course of history might have been different. A lot of people will vouch that a stylish pair of earrings can and do impact one's social success- at Grissoms we take the time to meet your individual needs! Not for nothing is it said that old is gold. While that's the general idea behind estate jewelry, there are times when all that one can do with a bunch of heirlooms is to dismantle it and recreate new jewellery from its constituents. Another reason to recast old jewels is that some ways they are in a style that's never coming back. At Grissom's, we know which jewelry has what it takes to withstand the ebb and tide of fortune. Some things are indeed timeless - and we preserve them as they are. They have a charm, a sentiment, a robustness, a resilience, a classic quality - in short, the kind of thing which causes people to exclaim diamonds are forever! Estate jewelry is worth it when an item is an example of really fine craftsmanship. It is to cherish this aspect that discerning collectors want to acquire it. Another thing that counts for a lot is the intrinsic value of the gemstones - if their natural beauty is exceptional and they are in good shape, that's an irresistible attraction for the buyer. If the jewelers have put in effort to renovate it without modifying it, that is a plus too. Because sometimes, an item may look great but due to wear and tear over the years, one isn't sure that the stones will stay in place. It'll then need some attention to ready it again for regular wear. There are people who are cautious about estate jewellery because they've read the story of the Hope diamond. That one indeed has a unique history, but a lot of estate jewelry has spent many decades or even a few centuries in very affluent environments - gala parties, opera halls, chateaus, and chalets...that it evokes grandiosity by its rich design. Estate jewelry is a term that refers to both antique jewelry which is rather old such as a century or more, as well as to vintage jewellery which is some decades old. It's also a fact that the term is applied to a classification that is neither antique nor vintage but merely means that the piece is a second sale and not older than 30 years at the most. The jewellery's age is important to know so you are buying an authentic piece from a glorious generation rather than a neat modern reproduction. You do often have to ask if a piece of jewellery is actually from the 1910s, or is only in the 1910s-style. Style in such a case only means that it is modelled after a jeweller's product that was a historic hit. These are all good reasons why you'd come to Grissom's for a reliable purchase. We classify products correctly and do not mislead our clients about the age or pedigree of a piece of jewellery. We gauge whether a vintage item really has any scope in current or future fashion because our buyers not only like to own and display a beautiful piece from yesteryear, but usually like to wear it too.