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Rings - Wrapped Around the Finger

Rings are a very popular choice , and naturally so because our hands convey a lot too, both while we speak and even in the way we rest them. So, you want to choose your rings carefully to complement your personality and to transmit the social cue you need.

The first thing to bear in mind is to stay in proportion with the size of your hands. If your hands are small, it's better to wear an elegant or exquisite ring which is compact.

At Grissom's, we've picked a very eclectic collection of styles, stones, and surfaces to cater to many kinds of subtle choices our clientele make. Every element makes a difference – whether it's diamond, platinum, an emerald, or a row of rubies. We know your ring can beam a message of opulence, tenderness, firmness, or openness and it speaks to you first before it transmits to any other person you are with.

Your usual selection of a ring is for your third finger, which is why it's called the ring finger. It symbolizes your love relationship or marital status, and also represents the heightening of a romance.

The Where and Why of Wearing Rings

Then there are relationships at the workplace – you have peers, subordinates, competitors, negotiators, your large customers, and so on. To enable you to exert your influence and prevail more often, you are looking for a wearable that augments your presence. If you wish to add readiness to undertake responsibility, then wear a ring on your third finger. To exude assertiveness, wear one on your index finger.

Needless to remind, you should be ready to make an investment because while you don't want your ring to be a distraction or to make people wonder, it still has to pack some panache; nothing trivial will do.

All is Flair in Love and Life!

Your fashion sense reflects in your rings too, like with every accessory and item of dress. There are many interesting individual expressions that are possible. There are people who stay consistent with their overall fashion – if it's a contemporary neatness, they'll carry it into their choice of rings. If they wear vividly colorful clothing, they'll wear chunky and flamboyant rings.

But there are people who strike a distinctive note. They use contrast to make a statement. To offset a mainly conservative dress, they like to wear a ring with a remarkably intricate design. Or even something mystical from ancient geometry. Again, someone in an elaborate designer outfit can choose a premium ring in a minimalistic design. These are people striking a subtle balance – a touch of simplicity or a splash of extravagance to complete their ensemble.

At Grissom's, we listen closely because we can sense what kind of rings would really reflect your imagination and suit your sensibility. Given the breadth of our range, and the plethora of quality products, we are quite confident to take on the task of satisfying your expectation!