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Necklaces have been appreciated since the beginning on time. The Sumerians, the ancient Egyptians, and many other cultures painstakingly crafted chains of precious gems and wore them on religious and other special occasions.

Since 1750, the modern forms of the necklace have been popular and come into everyday wear as well. Grissom's has an array of necklaces to fulfill any kind of preference – while many of them are princess or matinee necklaces that are most favored – we can amaze you with chokers, and even some rope necklaces and custom made pieces!

The impression your necklace should make depends on whether it's for casual wear or for a big occasion. If it's for an eighteenth birthday, or a wedding, or for an timeless anniversary, you'll be looking for something truly special.

The first thing you want to see in a necklace is its colour or combination of colours. You are going to pick colors that look great on you, or colors you've been recommended to wear. Then, you consider the neck styles of the dresses you expect to wear them on. Don't forget, while the Art Deco style did popularize modernist fashions in necklaces, it's the ones that use precious metals with the gems that have an unmistakable dignity about them. Besides the ones where dazzling diamonds are the main theme, there are also fresh floral designs in gold which are always in season.

Other timeless designs include the Bayadere, a twisted braid of strings of pearls, or of strands of beads. Then in the 1980s, you saw a lot of this French style – beads or pearls twisted in short multiple strands – its name Torsade comes from the twist. It's stayed on and is doing well.

In a necklace, its divinity lies in its detail. When the gemstones are set on the surface with fine and continuous beads in the millegrain style, popularized by Italian jewellers, it adds decorative value and helps the stones to scintillate when they are set in platinum, for example. Highly intricate and minute patterns in a necklace that form rich motifs make it an objet d'art, and Grissom's takes pride in being able to show some of the finest pieces whose profuse ornamentation is a pleasure to behold.