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Not for nothing is it said that old is gold. While that's the general idea behind estate jewelry, there are times when all that one can do with a bunch of heirlooms is to dismantle it and recreate new jewellery from its constituents. Another reason to recast old jewels is that some ways they are in a style that's never coming back.

At Grissom's, we know which jewelry has what it takes to withstand the ebb and tide of fortune. Some things are indeed timeless - and we preserve them as they are. They have a charm, a sentiment, a robustness, a resilience, a classic quality - in short, the kind of thing which causes people to exclaim diamonds are forever!

Estate jewelry is worth it when an item is an example of really fine craftsmanship. It is to cherish this aspect that discerning collectors want to acquire it. Another thing that counts for a lot is the intrinsic value of the gemstones - if their natural beauty is exceptional and they are in good shape, that's an irresistible attraction for the buyer.

If the jewelers have put in effort to renovate it without modifying it, that is a plus too. Because sometimes, an item may look great but due to wear and tear over the years, one isn't sure that the stones will stay in place. It'll then need some attention to ready it again for regular wear.

There are people who are cautious about estate jewellery because they've read the story of the Hope diamond. That one indeed has a unique history, but a lot of estate jewelry has spent many decades or even a few centuries in very affluent environments - gala parties, opera halls, chateaus, and chalets...that it evokes grandiosity by its rich design.

Estate jewelry is a term that refers to both antique jewelry which is rather old such as a century or more, as well as to vintage jewellery which is some decades old. It's also a fact that the term is applied to a classification that is neither antique nor vintage but merely means that the piece is a second sale and not older than 30 years at the most.

The jewellery's age is important to know so you are buying an authentic piece from a glorious generation rather than a neat modern reproduction. You do often have to ask if a piece of jewellery is actually from the 1910s, or is only in the 1910s-style. Style in such a case only means that it is modelled after a jeweller's product that was a historic hit.

These are all good reasons why you'd come to Grissom's for a reliable purchase. We classify products correctly and do not mislead our clients about the age or pedigree of a piece of jewellery. We gauge whether a vintage item really has any scope in current or future fashion because our buyers not only like to own and display a beautiful piece from yesteryear, but usually like to wear it too.