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In a famous speech in a play, Mark Antony asked his fellow Romans to lend him their ears. Had it been Cleopatra, she'd probably have just asked for their earrings! They catch the eye, they add colour, and they make an arty statement.

Time-honored classics – that's what we have to say about pearl earrings. Wear 'em in any style, wear 'em anywhere. There are long dangling styles for social events, and there are more formal ones for office wear. A very useful buy because they are never out of place and pretty much here to stay.

Then, there are those of us who want to wear something really precious – something in gold or perhaps a sapphire but keep it elegant and discreet. Stud earrings are minimalistic and they are refined.

Another design with an emphasis on neatness is the huggie earring. These are usually small and have a hinge at the top and open into halves that seem to hug through the lobes. Sporting a diamond, sapphire, or ruby, they can be stunners.

Exuberance – that's a spirit we remember from the swinging sixties; hoops can be vivacious, visceral, and vintage at the same time. Their perfect circles can add a certain symmetry and can add appeal to your profile.

A funky variant of the hoop earring is the needle earring. Distinctive on account of their really light weight, they have a long chain through the lobes and they just draw fascination.

As we get more festive and frolicky, we look at drop earrings – they can sway you with beads or with a sparkler. They can be conversation starters! A centimetre or so further down is the dangling earring.

No intention at all of drawing a line? Choose your extravagance from chandelier earrings! Beads, pearls, gems – all layered and scintillating – your dress designer is going to have their thunder entirely stolen from them!

You might like to assess what kind of stones and metals would work best for your type of skin tone and wardrobe colors. That will help you be sure that whatever kind of design you wear, you'll be able to carry it off well. What's more, you can then experiment a good bit on the design front, and try a few things you haven't ever worn before.

Coming back to Cleopatra, there's a saying that, had her nose been a little shorter, the course of history might have been different. A lot of people will vouch that a stylish pair of earrings can and do impact one's social success- at Grissoms we take the time to meet your individual needs!