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A brand, it is rightly said, is about a lingering impression in our memory. Something that leaves its mark and indelibly stands for a value, a certain quality, and a lasting feeling.

In the hurly-burly of business, we do have a range of sentiments - pride about achievement or a long association, nostalgia about an anniversary or a retirement, gratitude for loyalty and support, trust about the future... it's a wide gamut of powerful feelings which propels all of human endeavor. At Grissom's, we have a variety of corporate and business gifts to embody them and express these emotions in the tangible form of mementos, souvenirs, rewards, and tokens of appreciation.

Businesses enquire with us about gifts year round; it isn't only during the Thanksgiving season or Christmas or for New Year's. There are sales meets, trade conferences, contract renewals, company founding days, milestones like 5000th customer or a Nasdaq listing, 10th year of a flagship product, bagging a leading industry award, opening an overseas office... each of these occasions is a fabulous opportunity for bonding and sharing.

No matter how big the moment, it is made possible because of many, many small contributions and it's worth remembering that – and a thoughtful gift is the best way of showing it.

A beautiful souvenir will remind recipients of the glory and success of the occasion years later. It will pass into the company's history as an artifact of its culture of achievement. In a company newsletter or booklet, a gallery of images of the gifts you have given out will be an excellent showcase of the values you have consistently promoted, and underscore that as a culture, you have always cherished the support of people – within and outside your company.

At Grissom's, we see a gifts as a superglue that reinforces relationships. We understand the context for your gift and offer recommendations and will also suggest ways in which your brand colors or signature elements can be incorporated into the item of your choice. This makes your corporate gift a personalized and customized one and works as a brand reminder particularly when you give it to media persons, associates like distributors or trade partners, consultants, etc.

A number of companies talk to us about jewellery to gift to employees as a special award or as an incentive for reaching a sales target. You may wish to make a bigger investment as these are internal stakeholders. You thereby create a culture of recognizing performance and all kinds of useful contributions - whether it is towards safety, a sense of belonging, service standards, tenure of employment, communication, customer relations, or sales.

Your gift can be suitably picked from desk clocks, bejewelled timepieces, brooches, earrings, plush cufflinks or tiepins, lavish necklaces, or a host of other options. Be assured of Grissom's attentive support in selection, packaging, and delivery; you can also consult with us about planning future gifts for any long-running reward programs your company runs, as we are up to the challenges of maintaining novelty and excitement in every gift!