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A corporate brand is a unique identifying mark that indelibly stands for a certain quality and value. In business, we have a range of sentiments, pride about achievement, a long association or nostalgia about an anniversary, retirement, gratitude for loyalty and support, trust about the future... it's a wide gamut of powerful feelings which propels the human endeavor. At Grissom's, we have a variety of corporate and business gift options to convey gratitude for these moments in the tangible form of mementos, souvenirs, rewards, and tokens of appreciation.

We work with companies throughout the year, not just during the holiday season. From sales meetings, trade conferences, contract renewals, company founding days, years of service, going public, or receiving a leading industry award. Each occasion creates the perfect opportunity for team building and creating a positive work environment.

At Grissom's, we consider a corporate gift an opportunity to reinforce relationships. We appreciate the purpose of a business gift and can offer recommendations to incorporate brand elements into a customized gift in a way to personalize the gift to strengthen your company’s brand.

Choose from timepieces, pens, key chains, crystal globes, cufflinks, necklaces, or pins. You can be assured of Grissom's attentive support in selecting, packaging, and delivery. You can also consult with us about planning future gifts for any long-running reward programs your company implements, as we are up to the challenges of maintaining novelty and excitement in every gift!