In 1967, Tom and Shirley Grissom founded Grissom’s Fine Jewelry. Friendships and creative ideas developed while attending Texas Christian University in the 1950’s and gave rise to “Grissom’s and Friends,” an institution which offered a unique experience for all to enjoy. We are proud to reside in our original location at 9524 Camp Bowie West in Fort Worth, Texas. Of the original entities comprising “Grissom’s and Friends,” the Hip Pocket Theater, Back Door Restaurant, Johnson’s Wood Craft, and Grissom’s Pottery Studio were among the most memorable. Many other shops and “characters” came and went over the last 35 years; as of 2003, only the greatly expanded Grissom’s Jewelry store remains (but keep an eye out for some exciting additions coming soon).

Since our 1997 renovation and expansion of the jewelry store, Grissom’s has been able to offer a greatly expanded list of products and services to our customers. In 1997, we added fine Swiss watch sales and an in house watch and fine clock service center--we offer everything from simple battery changes to full restorations. This is a rare service for a fine jewelry store to offer as most stores, including the largest in town, send all their watch work out. In 1998, we purchased a very expensive and complicated Platinum casting system and added five phone lines. We now offer skilled platinum casting in house--another rare service for jewelry stores. Most jewelers just buy catalog platinum mountings or use an outside casting service. In 1999 we added a computer based sales and repair program with a point of sales system helping us track everything from our expansive inventory to customer wish list and our ever-growing repair business.

For the millennium year of 2000 we had a tremendously successful Estate Jewelry show and clearance of the lifetime collection from one of the USA’s premier estate jewelry authorities including a Fancy yellow 47.50c emerald cut diamond. Starting in mid 2001 we purchased the technology for our future in a cad/cam computer aided manufacturing and design system and program which we are still working to become proficient with. In 2002, we again started offering professional business and award jewelry services for some of Fort Worth’s premier country clubs and business people.

We hope you find our site fun, interesting and informative--please e-mail me personally with any suggestion or questions. Visit our store today for the latest offerings in fine jewelry and our ever-growing list of services.

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